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How are you?

Americans ask:
”How are YOU?”

Aussies ask:
”How ARE you?”

I ask:
”WHY would YOU emphasize A word that HAS no importance whatSOever?”

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No escape from realty

You will call them, but they won’t answer. You will leave a message, but they will probably won’t even listen to it. Then you will text them. And hope…
The only time they will call you is when they will understand they have no choice , because no one applied.
Real Estate agents (in Sydney). Can’t live with them, can’t live in Sydney without them…

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The Cat with the Flat

Oh, how I want to find a flat!

A nice place to stay at,

Perhaps with a fireplace and a mat

Or just a comfy place to have friends for a chat.

Oh, how I want a cat!

A cute fury friend, maybe even fat,

Or maybe even fit as an acrobat.

He will purr and I will pat

As we lay down on the mat

(In front of the fireplace in our flat)

But- oh no! Can you believe that?

Every owner of every flat-

Mr. Pratt, Mr. Bratt and even Mrs. Glatt,

Doesn’t let us have a cat!

“There will be no cat in this flat

And that’s the end of that!”

Oh, rats!

Perhaps I should find a flat cat…Image

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Only in Australia #2

Celebrating Christmas in the sun.

Twice a year…


Happy Christmas in July!

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I reckon therefore I am. Aussie.

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