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“People are sad when their pet dies. But when other animals die, they eat them.”

Simon Amstell

Food for Thought…

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Creative bookshelves

Dyslexic Kids

Creative bookshelves

Reading can feel like work to students who have dyslexia. Why not add some whimsy with these 20 insanely creative bookshelves?

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The long mini

Have you ever noticed that a tv series is usually 30 minutes long, but a ‘mini’-series is a whole hour long?

Hmmm… When it says on a shoe: “Man-made Leather”, does it mean that this time they made it from… man skin?



Hmmm… When it says on a shoe: “Man-made

You can’t go wrong with a peanut-butter sauce.

You can't go wrong with a peanut-butter sauce.

Unless someone is allergic to peanuts…




So Joyful

Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog. At the moment I’m super busy┬ápreparing┬ámy “Alice in Wonderland Wedding” So please feel free to check that blog out and tell me what you think.

More blogs coming soon. Stay tuned…