Creative bookshelves

Dyslexic Kids

Creative bookshelves

Reading can feel like work to students who have dyslexia. Why not add some whimsy with these 20 insanely creative bookshelves?

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Eating out in Sydney


The long mini

Have you ever noticed that a tv series is usually 30 minutes long, but a ‘mini’-series is a whole hour long?

I reckon therefore I am. Aussie.

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Dear Brisbane,

We both like sunny weather, we both like super nice people and we both like the colour green. But other than that we don’t have much in common.  Brisbane, it’s not you, it’s me. I have someone else. And her name is Sydney. So goodnight, Brisbane and good morning Sydney!


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Only in Australia:

A public holiday for the Queen’s birthday.
TWICE a year.
But you won’t see me complaining 🙂


Happy Birthday, Queenie!

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Hmmm… When it says on a shoe: “Man-made Leather”, does it mean that this time they made it from… man skin?



Hmmm… When it says on a shoe: “Man-made